Our History

2009-2011 - We discovered a pressing need for a local supply company that placed customer
service and fair pricing above maximizing profits.
2011-2013 -
It took two years of planning and preparation, but we opened doors in
November of 2013 with a dedicated team of six. We also negotiated commitments
with a handful of clinics and one laboratory to join us our inaugural year.
2013-2014 -
We met and exceeded all expectations. Our clients were extremely happy with
our service to them (as well as our price-points). Our deliveries are timely, in
keeping with our promises, and accurate. Our proprietary supply chain
management program, OnTime, streamlined our efforts and played no small role
in helping us achieved over $600,000 in gross annual sales.
2014-2015 -
Growth, growth, and more growth. This year has treated us to more of the
same. We have continually improved our in-house SCM and signed on more
clients. At present, we proudly serve 16 clinics and 8 laboratories, with 9 more
coming onboard by the end of the third quarter, FY16. We’ve expanded our
product line to include prosthetics, investments, duplicating materials,
disposables, and x-ray products.
2016… Fiscal Year 2016 is slated to introduce pharmaceutical products (pending
licensure) and a slew of laboratory tools, supplies, instruments, accessories.


To become the local leader in dental supplies for general dentistry clinics and laboratories of all sizes.


To establish our supply company as the best provider of customer service, on-time delivery, quick-andeasy ordering, and competitive pricing across the spectrum of products offered.


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